Basic Advantages Of Merchant Cash Advance

Raising capital for your business has become easier than ever before as there are plenty of options available for the funding. Businesses today are more invested into using card payment devices and venturing on the merits of cashless transactions. This has become one of the easiest ways of availing working capital finance.

When you need to raise capital for your start-up company or small business, merchant cash advance or MCA has been a trusted shortcut for funding the businesses.

It has been a convenient option for growing the business by sustaining the temporary cash flow.

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How does it work?

Since MCA is not a loan, it is given against the business’s future income. How it works is by approving a lump sum paid upfront by the merchant cash advance provider and it is then automatically repaid using a percentage of the daily credit card receipts.

Why is it convenient?

What makes merchant cash advance different than the other available small business funding options is that there are little requirements of a perfect credit score or mortgaging any property. There is hardly any documentation required and the money can be received within 48-72 hours. Cash advances are always helpful, more so when there is an immediate opportunity where you have to take a decision within a short span of time.


  • Straightforward application: Business owners can get MCA online. All they need to do is fill up the application and upload the supporting documents and get the processing start.
  • Flexible payments: MCA allows more flexibility as the payments are based on a flat percentage of the sales on your credit card. This basically means that the payments are proportionate to whatever the business is bringing in.
  • Fast ways of funding: One of the main reasons why MCA has seen this huge popularity is because of its fast approval and funding. It is certainly a plus if there are urgent situations like you need to cover payroll or have to tackle an immediate business expense.

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The Scope Of Litigation Cash Advance

To simply explain, lawsuit cash advance is the form of financing that is a common way of getting funds amongst the plaintiffs which alleviate their financial stress while waiting for a settlement. As understood, it provides the much needed breathing space in terms ofmoney in such a hard situation.

Litigation cash advance against pending settlements work on a very different manner than how any other form of financing or money lending actually works. They are ideal solutions for claim holders to get a buffer for the duration of the legal process. It can be used for everything ranging from mortgage payments to medical bills.

Litigation cash advance

Traditional bank loans are not worthy – here’s why

Bank loans and lines of credit are the two most common options in litigation cash advance but they are not the right options for the claim holders. For banks, it is often necessary to provide some form of hard collateral required, mostly in the form of non-liquid assets. But given the condition of the plaintiff, it is to offer anything as such at that moment. As all repayments come directly from an applicant’s personal accounts, and the personal credit checks are mandatory. Understandably, not all victims might have sufficient credit scores.

Understanding the basic

Once the plaintiff files for a personal injury lawsuit, or may be a mass tort, they can apply for the cash advance. The involved lawsuit funding company will evaluate the case and depending on the merit of the lawsuit, that is after they understand how much can the case be worth, hey will release the funds. It is important that the attorney of the claimholder should cooperate with the lender in terms of revealing the papers related to the case to help them evaluate the settlement value. Typically, the fund is arranged within 24 hours and the plaintiff agrees to pay a “funding fee” along with the principal amount.

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Get Financial Help While Waiting For The Verdict


The litigation cash advance can help you overcome the financial crisis, while you are awaiting the verdict of your lawsuit. These cash advances help you in getting through your medical and personal bills.  Free from financial worries, you can now focus on your case and getting justice. You can approach Funding Source Capital LLC to provide cash advances. They offer advances for a different type of lawsuits like automotive accidents, slip and fall, defective medical devices, and so on. Visit or call (855)-214-2143 for more information on the topic.

Merchant Cash Advance Has Its Benefits

Merchant cash advance is one of the most popular ways of business financing which does not require time-consuming credit checks and/or have rigid repayment plans. Your business gets access to the loan and the repayment starts with a fixed fee along with a percentage of the daily or weekly sales. Merchants utilizing this as their best financing option reap plenty of benefits and some of the chief advantages are:

  • Easy application procedure

More often than not, as all you have to do is fill out an application online, provide the specific information and the other documents pertaining to the business, like the Business ID and recent credit card processing statements. The process does not take long to complete, and typically providers will respond within 48 hours.

litigation cash advance

When business heats up, it becomes vital to have the capital handy to make real changes. Noticeable growth can occur when working capital is available in the right time so to be able to take advantage of valuable opportunities. When you have a good idea to increase the growth and expand the  business, alternative funding can turn that great concept into a funded reality. This is also the reason why Merchant cash advance is a preferred option for plaintiffs who have been stuck in a claim for a long time and need some financial buffer for breathing.

Once the application is approved, obtaining these funds becomes easy.

  • Funding won’t affect scores

Securing a cash advance won’t negatively affect the credit scores of your business profile. This is because it is all about simply selling future credit card sales for capital. You won’t need to spend time trying to improve the credit before applying.

So above all, it will help to alleviate some of these pressures and lower the stress levels.

With no upfront or hidden fees, the team of Funding Source Capital LLC offers pre and post settlement advances. With the desire to help and having partnerships with the top capital sources in the finance world, dial 1.855.214.2143 to know more about the services.

Why Is Merchant Cash Advance Beneficial?

Looking for merchant cash advance in Florida is a common sight, especially for small business owners. For small to medium-sized businesses, cash flow is a vital aspect that needs to be considered throughout the business from its beginning till it stands and starts growing. A business that needs to look for cash will have access to different aids, with the merchant cash advance (MCA) being among the most popular.

merchant cash advance in floridaSome of the advantages of merchant cash advance:

  • No need for collateral or credit

The merchant cash advance will be a relatively safe way to receive cash. The MCA depends on future sales, and hence it is not present on any credit report.

  • Fast collections and applications

Funding will always be really fast, and the process is straightforward. If there are credit card sales of over $5,000, as an example, getting accepted is almost always a certainty.

  • Fast cash access

There is not much paperwork that is necessary, so the turnaround of the MCA is very fast.

  • Really high approval rate

The merchant cash advances are rarely denied, as negotiations are normally started when some problems are noticed.

  • Collections based on revenue

With the merchant cash advance, repayment happens only when the company makes money and hence no probe of monthly payments.

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How To Support Your Small Business Growth?

Merchant cash advance

Small business loans are crucial to get your business on the right track. While you can anytime vouch on merchant cash advance, there are chances of failure to making daily or weekly payments. On such cases, Funding Source Capital LLC provides helps to small businesses who have defaulted on a merchant cash advance. The process is fast and easy with reliable solutions and processed by a dedicated team to eventually offer hassle-free premium services. Contact us on or call at (855)214-2143 for details.

Looking At The Advantages Of Merchant Cash Advance

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a long time business owner, arranging the loans or finances for your business at the right time is a difficulty. It is certainly not the best of the ideas to bring out everything from your pocket for helping the business because that causes more damage than good.

Paying suppliers, maintaining inventory and business growth needs the right amount of cash flow. Merchant cash advance is one of the finest options for the small to mid-sized businessman to get going with the cash flow.



Understanding the basics

The MCA gives an alternative business funding source where the entrepreneur or the capitalist can use when there is no other collateral or credit rating. As opposed to the regular loan, an MCA means buying a part of the future business credit card sales and there is a very specific discount mentioned in the papers while signing off the deal. The company receives a chunk amount when the contract is signed. In return, the provider has the right to obtain a part of the credit card sales of the business on every single month until the contracted amount is returned or reached.


One of the major benefits of MCA is here is no need for collateral or credit to get the loan.  The merchant cash advance will be a relatively safe way to receive the amount. Commercial loans can affect credit ratings, but there are no such risks with MCA as it depends on future sales. That is why it is not present on any credit report. Losing collateral is not a risk in this case, no matter what happens with the business.

There is not much paperwork involved in the process and the turnaround of the MCA is very fast. Providers will usually think about length of time business and monthly returns through credit cards. And, unlike the regular commercial bank loans, the approval rates of the MCA is really high when there is immediate funding needed.