Advantages Of Merchant Cash Advance

A financial loan is not the only option that you might have while in dire need of funds for your business. There can be other better choices with much bigger advantages – merchant cash advance is one of those. And what all advantages does the same have? Let’s find out.


In the financing process of merchant cash advance, a lump sum of capital is provided by a cash advance lender in exchange for a certain amount of the business’ credit card sales in the days to come. The ones opting for this method of financing often make benefits, thanks to the advantages it has over other options.

The main advantages of merchant cash advance financing:

  1. The process of applying for it is easy

While applying for a merchant cash advance, the process is quite easy and fast. It often offers options to fill an online application form, with specific information and documentation related to the business applied for. The cash providers generally respond within 48 hours.

  1. Quick access to fund

Once the application is approved by the provider, the funding can be received in a maximum of a week’s time. Receiving the capital so fast can enable the owner to plough it back into the business flow and improve further.

  1. Credit score is not affected

Securing financial help through merchant cash advance doesn’t affect the credit score in any way. That’s because no loans are taken, but the business owner is selling out future credit card sales. There is no compulsion of monthly payments. In fact, the newfound funds from a merchant cash advance can improve your credit if you use it to pay off debt.

  1. Eases out financial stress

Starting up a business is extremely stressful – for the time it takes, financial woes and thousands of other involvements. Running a company can be stressful if running finance doesn’t persist. Merchant cash advances ease out the panic of being a business owner thereby making you focus on your business properly.

Every business needs capital to grow and sustain. For most of the small and mid-sized companies, bank loans are not feasible. If your business is choking under financial stresses, applying for merchant cash advances might be the right choice. Contact them on or fill up the online form to get your queries answered within 48 hours.


Simple Understanding Of Litigation Cash Advance

Filing lawsuit is not just a time-consuming matter but also is an expensive enterprise. Simply put, lawsuit cash advance is the form of financing where the plaintiffs can alleviate their financial stress through loans. It provides the much needed breathing space during such a hard time.

litigation cash advance

Bank loans are not always possible

Bank loans and lines of credit are also two common considerable factors in litigation cash advance. But for banking loans, there is hard collateral required, specially in the form of non-liquid assets. Personal credit checks are also mandatory in such cases which might not be satisfactory for many victims. Additionally, any costs linked with insurance, litigation or surgeries might further affect the credit scores. This is why litigation cash advance serves as a feasible option.

How does it work?

Once the plaintiff files for a personal injury lawsuit, they can apply for the cash advance. The involved lawsuit funding company will then evaluate the case and determine how much can the case be worth. Here, it is important that your attorney should cooperate with the lender in terms of revealing the papers related to the case to help them evaluate the settlement value. Typically, the fund is arranged within 24 hours and the plaintiff agrees to pay a “funding fee” along with the principal amount.

What to know about the lender before applying?

It is not just a risk for the lender to pay upfront for a cash advance, but the applicant should be equally aware of what to check when it comes to getting the litigation cash advance.

  • If they approve in as little as 24 hours
  • there is no need for monthly payments
  • does not require repayment if you lose the case
  • does not need any form of income verification
  • does not perform credit checks
  • if they do direct funding, that is, does not involve brokers

Funding Source Capital LLC understands finding monetary relief at the right time is difficult. With consumers who have been victims in mass tort lawsuits or personal injury cases can definitely look forward to get aid from

To know more about their work and how they can help you get it covered, visit the website or dial 1.855.214.2143.

5 Reasons that Make Merchant Cash Advance Popular

small business loan


There could be a number of reasons why you business might not qualify for a traditional loan. Be it for short business history or poor credit scores, often the small businesses lack the chance of getting loans but don’t make them out of option.

The easiest and the most popular option is to get in touch with a merchant cash advance (MCA) provider who would give you the money without any unnecessary hassle, and most importantly, fast.

Understanding – How MCA Works?

The first thing you need to understand that MCA is not a loan, instead is an advance payment against the future business income. The provider gives a lump sum of money which is then repaid through a certain agreed percentage of the daily credit card receipts.

The percentage one pays is called as the “holdback” or retrieval rate and is typically agreed anywhere between 2 to 20 percent. This depends on the size of the advance made and for the term period it will go on. The process of repayments starts immediately after the funds are received from the provider.

As simple as it sounds, there are more benefits to it which made merchant cash advance popular. Let’s have a look at the major reasons why it is considered an ideal financial choice for different situations.

  • Get a lump sum of cash quickly

Typically, you don’t have to wait for more than a week to get the money deposited in the account. For any successful company, getting the money in the right time matters the most. Be it for the investment in equity or expansion of a business model, money at the right time can save nine!

  • Doesn’t need impeccable credit score

The odds of getting approved for traditional loans are little if you lack a decent credit score. Merchant cash advance doesn’t need a stellar credit score. All it needs is a frequent credit card sales and the cash advance would be a viable option.

  • There’s no Fixed Repayment Amount

As mentioned earlier, MCA is not loan. This means it is not about borrowing money, instead selling a piece of the future profits. What it means for smaller business holders is in months of slower sales, you can remit a smaller amount and compensate the same when the sale is booming. This is no way possible in the repayment cycle of loans.

  • Use as and how you wish the money to be used

Small business loans typically have some restrictions associated with them. For instance, most of the SBA microloans restricts from using the money from purchasing inventory. This flexibility added to the popularity of MCA.

Whether you need it to pay your employees, need it for a marketing campaign or simply for expanding the office space, the money can be used for any purpose.

  • No Risk in Affecting the Credit Rating

Often the different types of business financing options, apart from the usage restriction can put an affect to your financial health. For MCA you don’t need to put any of your assets on the line (as would neither require significant credit score or a history of good behavior).

There could be end number of reasons why you might have a sudden cash crunch. Trust the professionals of Funding Source Capital LLC to get the capital at the time of need. Whether you need the money for filing a personal injury or if you need it for expanding your business, you can get the finances settled at the eleventh through or by dialing (855) 214.2143.

Run Your Business In A Smarter Way With A Business Funding.


Running a business needs dedication, effort as well as good funding. If you have the first too but lack the last one, you can hardly able to run your business. It does not matter whether you are a start-up businessman or an experienced hand in this field, you need a good fund to run as well as expand your business.

Are you thinking about what to do now? You can get small business funding from various institutions easily. They specialize in helping small as well as medium-sized businesses grow by getting them the financing on the urgent basis. They understand the importance of business funding to the business owners and for this, make it sure that they get it as early as possible.

If you are looking for such funding option, do a thorough research about the institutions that are offering the funding. Have a look at the review section. If you are satisfied with all these, choose the funding agency.

Funding Source Capital LLC is a reputable name in this field. They are familiar to help the business owners by offering the capital that they are looking for. Would you like to get it from them? Apply for the funding as early as possible. In order to get the capital, call the professionals at (855) 214-2143 or visit their website


Top 5 Ways to Get Small Business Funding.

small funding

Irrespective of being the owner of big or small company, it is not an easy task to find financers for your venture. With the ever growing challenges in the financial sector, it is crucial to have a trusted lender who would not play with the interest rates or create unnecessary ambiguities in repayment schemes.

Following are the most common and trusted ways of small business funding:

  • Venture capital: often in this type of funding, the investors like to provide early-stage funding. What they actually look for is investing larger share and with eventuality be the significant shareholder of the company.
  • Cloud funding: it has become a very popular idea where the groups allow you to pitch ideas to investors over the internet. With a successful cloud funding, there will be multiple investors who would like to contribute funds to the idea.
  • Crowd funding: this is again primarily a web-based idea where it allows individuals to pitch their business, scheme or project and reach out to thousands of potential investors. Be it over social media, email marketing or internet marketing, the investments over crowd funding can be through debt, equity or reward-based. There are hundreds of crowd funding platforms but it is unwise to trust them all with blindfold.
  • Private investors: lovingly called ‘angel investors’, these are the affluent individuals who are willing to invest in the business and hardly have any demands in terms of credit score checks or likewise. As a small business owner, you might be interested to look online for the local angels and see who are interested in funding the new ventures.
  • Friends and family: as understood, it should be the last resort when looking for investments. Although it might initially seem like a reliable and good source, it does not always end up the way it is intended to be. There cannot be anything worse than both the loss of capital as well as ruined relationships.

If you are a small business owner and are looking for funding, get in touch with the team of Funding Source Capital LLC. With fast, easy and reliable options, the team works hard to get you the funds so that you can grow your business to the full potential. Visit or dial (855) 214-2143 to know more about the financing options.

Advantages of Having Merchant Cash Advance.


Being a start-up businessman, you may want to do a lot of things, but some of the times, you may not able to realize your dream for an obstacle, called financial crisis. Though the small and medium-sized businesses contribute a lot to the overall development of the country, they hardly get as important as the major business giants. And as a result of their dream of expanding their businesses and provide it new heights, remain unfulfilled.

However, you don’t need to face the same future when you choose the merchant cash advance. It allows a business owner, who accepts the credit card payments or has other options to obtain an advance of the funds regularly flowing through the merchant account of the business. This is not a loan, but a kind of advance based on the future revenue of a business.

If you are thinking why this cask advance is going to be a good choice for you, have a look at the following details:

  • Applications with low credit cards are accepted
  • The approval rate is very high
  • No credit is at stake
  • Easy application process
  • Simple and hassle-free payback

As you are familiar with the advantages of having the cash advance for your business, you would obviously like to choose an agency that can help you by providing the advance.

Funding Source Capital is a good name in this field. In order to help the small and medium-sized business owners, they have started their journey. Would you apply for the loan to run your business smoothly? Do you have any queries?  Feel free to ring the professionals at 1.855.227.6168 or visit

Run your business smoothly with a business loan.

small business loan

Running a business is a dream for many. And the stepping stone of achieving this dream starts with launching a product or service. However, launching something is not enough; you need to look at some many things including marketing, building campaign, giving wages and many more. And for this, you need a good investment. However, if your bank account is not equipped with that amount of money, it would be difficult for you to run a business.

Thinking what to do now? The scenario is same for all small and medium-sized businessmen. And the truth is that small business contributed the most to the development of a country. Looking at the picture several agencies bring small business funding.

Even if your business is a few months to years old, you can get the funding by applying for the same. All that you need to do is to go through the form that will be provided by the agency, fill it up and submit it. You will get the funding within the mentioned time to run your business.

There are several agencies; however, do a little research before you choose one for your business. Funding Source Capital LLC is a big name in this field. They have offered loans to several entrepreneurs. You can also get financial assistance from them. To learn more, call at (855) 214-2143 or visit